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About Us
     The first Vagabond Imports retail store was opened in 1977 when the owner returned from seven years of living, working, and traveling through Europe, Asia, and the Far East.  During his travels he picked up many artifacts: Silver, leather, fabric, pottery and other unique and unusual items.  The first store was opened in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1977, in a building no bigger than a modern bedroom.  Since then, the company has expanded to five stores. We presently have only one store in Appleton, WI.  

    Although the number of our retail stores has changed, the fundamental philosophy has remained the same: a quality product at affordable prices, with customer oriented service.

  We directly import many things.  We get much of our jewelry - rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces in sterling silver - from artisans in Thailand.   Our giftware comes from all over the world and we import directly from Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand.    Our clothing comes from India, Indonesia, Thailand and China

Market just outside of Bangkok, Thailand